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BBC News - Science & Environment

Exoplanet discovered around neighbouring star - Wednesday November 14, 2018
Astronomers have discovered a planet around one of the closest stars to our Sun.

Greenland ice sheet hides huge 'impact crater' - Wednesday November 14, 2018
Scientists find evidence that an iron asteroid slammed into the Earth deep inside the Arctic Circle.

'Cut lamb and beef' to fight climate change - Thursday November 15, 2018
The number of sheep and cattle in the UK should be reduced to help combat climate change, a report says.

'Conservation successes' bring hope for mountain gorilla - Wednesday November 14, 2018
Mountain gorilla: Conservation efforts appear to be paying off for large, charismatic animals.

South Pole: Rock 'hotspot' causes ice sheet to sag - Wednesday November 14, 2018
A large area of warm rock is melting the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the South Pole.

Climate change: Heatwaves 'halve' male insect fertility - Tuesday November 13, 2018
A study of beetles could explain global decline in insects - and how heat can damage male fertility.

Badger culling has 'modest' effect in cutting cattle TB - Tuesday November 13, 2018
An independent scientific review says badger culling can have a modest effect in reducing cattle TB.

Mystery monkey: history of unique Xenothrix fossil revealed - Monday November 12, 2018
A now-extinct monkey from Jamaica had South American roots, according to new DNA evidence.

Can listening to bees help save them - and us? - Monday November 12, 2018
Scientists hope artificial intelligence will gives us more insights into bee health and behaviour.

No 'flushable' wet wipes tested so far pass water industry tests - Tuesday November 13, 2018
They say wet wipes don't break down and so cause sewage blockages which cost millions to put right.

Climate change protests leads to '22 arrests' over blockade - Monday November 12, 2018
The chained-together demonstrators are blockading the government energy department in London.

Badger cull: Vets accuse ministers of 'barefaced lies' - Monday November 12, 2018
Campaigners accuse the government of telling "bare faced lies" about the effectiveness of badger culls.

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