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December 14, 2018, 05:48:05 AM

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a new Chatbot

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Offline sybershot Topic starter
United States WWW Posts: 1429
Rank: Certified

I'm in the process of building Trinity the third instance a chatbot, for my website. I will be using Program-o utilizing Foundation Alice v1.7 for a base brain.

A few of the AIML files did not play well with Trinity, Our friend Dave is teaching them a lesson Smiley

Posted May 01, 2012, 22:32:47 PM Logged

Offline Carl2
United States Posts: 935
Rank: Baron

 HI again, For the heck of it I played with some alice type bots.  From what I found the learning types did not have a character display, and the types with a character display did not have learning capability.  I played with them for a while, scripted some character responses ( didn't like the feeling of I say this you say that ) but I only know the very basics of it.
  Some of the Alice bots are impressive but I personaly like Hal.
I wish you luck, Dave gives me a good impression and should be helpful.
Posted May 04, 2012, 22:21:32 PM Logged

Offline sybershot Topic starter
United States WWW Posts: 1429
Rank: Certified

Carl, Thanks for you for sharing your experiences. I am aware of there capabilities, limitations and how they operate. For chatting, I would give Ultra Hal the trophy as well.
  To clear things up I will not be scripting the third instance of trinity to be intelligent in conversation.  My goal with this instance of Trinity is to script her to be intelligent in the field of teaching one how to properly programming, using multiple programming languages. Her ability to carry on a conversation will be bare minimum to say the least. It will utilize Alice for that and I have no intentions on making her communication skills any more conversational than what Alice provides.

At this time I have no Alice files in Trinity's Database, I have just one AIML file and that is the one I'm scripting. It does not have much yet, but if one wants to check it out to see actually what I'm describing feel free to test Trinity out in the link at the end of the post. Be sure to read the side panel fully, so one can get a clear view on how to use her. Also keep in mind this is pre-beta.

Note: Dave has been extremely helpful, I can't thank thank him enough in words. However he gave me an opportunity to help him and program-o out,  I honorably accepted.

here is the link to the Third instance of Trinity
Posted May 05, 2012, 00:06:40 AM Logged
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