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August 15, 2018, 00:09:36 AM

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Restarts instead of shutting down

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Offline Carl2 Topic starter
United States Posts: 1183
Rank: Certified

  This is an old problem, minor irratation.  When turning off the computer it will restart instead of turning off.  I frist just used the power botton to stop the restart, holding it in would stop the restart.  I ran into problems with the power botton which became loose and caused problems when trying to start the computer, I had to find the right place to press, wiggle it around ect.  Just fixed that by opening the computer up and fixing the loose switch.  much easier to start and I can stop the restart by pushing in the switch if it tries to restart.
  Back to the real problem, it will restart instead of shutting down about 75 % of the time unless I press the botton.  I tried Spybot search and destroy which didn't work.  I've checked taskmgr to be sure there are no apps running.  It's an Asus Quad computer running win 7.
Posted September 28, 2011, 13:38:47 PM Logged

Online Data
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 5190
Rank: Certified

I think this problem sounds like something to do with power management.

Try the Windows 7 forum Carl

Found this thread about it:
Posted September 28, 2011, 15:45:11 PM Logged

Offline Snowcrash
England Global Moderator
Posts: 2790
Rank: Certified

After reading that thread, it looks like it's an NVidia issue.

Do you run GForce/NVidia, Carl?
Posted September 28, 2011, 17:28:41 PM Logged
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Online Data
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 5190
Rank: Certified

After a little more hunting around I’m still thinking its some kind of power management problem.

Having the correct chip set driver installed comes up a few times too, did you install Windows 7 Carl? And did you install the chip set driver? (actually quite important for W7)

This thread might help some too, hints at network card settings in the BIOS.
Posted September 28, 2011, 18:07:45 PM Logged

Offline Carl2 Topic starter
United States Posts: 1183
Rank: Certified

  I just read the link provided, seems like other people have the same problem,  For some reason after fixing the power botton and running the spybot the problem has lessened, happens infrequently instead of almost every time now.  The video card is an Nvidia GForce G 100,  I'm next to positive this was not a prlblem when frist bought and used, I'd say it began a few months ago.
Posted October 01, 2011, 14:16:22 PM Logged
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