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         My specialities are: Tarot Card Readings, Psychometry and Dream Interpretation. 

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Tom has passed over but will never be forgotten.

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  Greetings to you and welcome to my site.  

My name is Diane but on the Internet I go under the name Psidi, so if you want to find my site again just type in Psidi to your favourite search engine, you will be sure to find me.

Are you sitting comfortably? Ok here is a little bit about me and my website. Hello I am a Psychic, I have been aware of my gift for most of my life but didnít start to really use it until my retirement when I found myself with more time on my hands.

Now I give Tarot readings over the Internet and to many people who visit me at home (Brighton UK) I have a knack for picking up on peoples problems and giving gentle advice to those who need it.

For those who visit me at home for a Tarot card reading I am also able to use Psychometry on items they carry, sometimes this gives some very surprising results.

Being Psychic (I think most of us are we just donít realise it or are far too busy with our every day lives) I am able to pick up spirits: this can be souls that come with you when you visit me at my home or even souls that come through to me when I am doing a reading over the Internet.

I have visited some haunted houses and was once pinned to a wall by an angry ghost, go to my true ghost stories page for more about ghosts.

Dreams: I have always been extremely interested in dreams and quite often dream of things to come; I truly believe we all have the ability to dream into the future.

On a lighter side I enjoy writing small funny poems and have had many of them published in various newspapers and magazines, visit my poems page for more.

You will notice a page called my quiet corner, this part of my website is dedicated to the gorgeous Jeremy Brett (the best Sherlock Holmes ever).

If you would like to contact me or request a Tarot card reading go to my contact page, you can e-mail me direct from there.

I am very interested in all things paranormal and would love to here from you if you have a strange or spooky story to tell.

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