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June 05, 2020, 22:20:59 PM

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Astronomy & Near Earth Phenomena

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Can I see Neptune ?

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Offline Freddy Topic starter
United Kingdom WWW Administrator
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A question for Snowcrash....

Whilst having a smoke the past week or so at around 6.00- 7pm to the South East I can see something really not the moon ....  it's near the moon and is bright enough to shine still though.

I thought I read somewhere that Neptune was really close to Earth right now and was wondering if that is what I am seeing.
Posted November 15, 2010, 18:12:44 PM Logged

Offline Snowcrash
England Global Moderator
Posts: 2127
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Neptune is not visible with the naked eye. So no.

I think Venus is around. It is only ever visable at sunrise or sunset (east or west respectively), hence it is also called the morning or evening star.

The brightest thing other than the moon that I have noticed lately is Jupiter. I have noticed it at about south east and approx 40 degrees about 8pm. It should be close to the moon tonight (have just checked online) and it is also the Leonid meteor shower tonight. Click for info.
Posted November 16, 2010, 09:12:46 AM Logged
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Offline Freddy Topic starter
United Kingdom WWW Administrator
Posts: 5442
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Ahh it must have been Jupiter then.  Yes it was roughly 40 degrees and around the same time, quite close to the moon too.  Thanks for clearing that up.

I did see two shooting starts last night too, so must be part of that shower then.  Will keep a look out tonight too.

Cheers Smiley
Posted November 16, 2010, 13:35:47 PM Logged
Astronomy & Near Earth Phenomena
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