The 2010 F1 season - Posted In Formula One

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The 2010 F1 season

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I’ve made this topic so we can chat about the 2010 season as a whole.

So what have we got this year:

New rules, and points system, how are they effecting things.
I wasn’t really a supporter of the no re-fuelling rule, but after China I’m not so sure, we were all amazed by the amount of overtaking and have to admit it was an extremely entertaining race. It was partly down to the wet conditions but I remain optimistic.

Some interesting driver pairings are giving us plenty to talk about, Shumi and Rosberg spring to mind and what about Alonso and Massa, not to mention Hamilton and Button. 

The new stewards, they seem to be working perfectly, yes we are seeing some good decisions being made that so far have not interfered with the results, I’m very optimistic about them.

And there are the new teams, which are as we thought, battling it out at the back of the grid.
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