The Bahrain GP of 2012 - Posted In Formula One

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The Bahrain GP of 2012

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United Kingdom Administrator
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I’m not sure the FIA should have taken a Grand Prix to Bahrain but I’m not going in to the politics, at least we have a race this year unlike last years travesty, so…

Vettel on pole ahead of Hamilton in Second.

McLaren have looked quick this weekend, Hamilton will pass Vettel I believe Grin

The track isn’t what you would call an easy overtaking one so qualifying position is quite important, can’t help but think RebBull have set up their car for qualifying glory, time will tell.

Rosberg won the last race but can he do the same thing from 5th, Hmm I don’t think so, Its going to be a McLaren win, hopefully  Tongue

Lets hope the race runs well and there are no incidents relating to anything other than F1.   
Posted April 22, 2012, 12:32:29 PM Logged

Offline GT40
France WWW Posts: 494
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Wow!! Vettel confirming his pole, Raikkonen really back from retirement and Grosjean on the podium!!!

I know, I'm not objective.  Cheesy

(oh I forgot: three Renault engines on the podium...)

Posted April 22, 2012, 15:05:08 PM Logged

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United Kingdom Administrator
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Agreed GT the Renault engine is class, it won the last two would championships after all and is showing lots of potential this year too.

Got to say I wasn’t expecting the results we got, wow what a year this is turning in to, four drivers have lead the title so far, it is a very open season.

Was good to see Kimi on the podium, shame it wasn’t the top spot, would have been great to have beaten Vettel.

Can Lotus take their pace on to the next race, I should think so.

McLaren need to sort out their pit stops I am a little annoyed that they keep ruining Hamiltons race. 
Posted April 23, 2012, 11:56:47 AM Logged

Offline Snowcrash
England Global Moderator
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Dodgy nut on Hamilton's car. And a puncture for Button. Not a good race for McLaren.

Didn't expect Lotus to be this good, keeps it all lively at the top. Well done them.

Have you heard anything about the stewards inquiries for Rosberg? He almost pushed Alonso and Hamilton off of the track on 2 different occasions. Alonso was moaning over the pit radio and Hamilton technically overtook off of the track.

This is the first GP that I've been p!$$ed off, sitting around at 1pm thinking I mustn't check any news program. Was hung over too  Tongue
Posted April 23, 2012, 17:22:53 PM Logged
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