The Italian GP of 2012 - Posted In Formula One

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September 29, 2020, 05:08:32 AM

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The Italian GP of 2012

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United Kingdom Administrator
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Love the track; Monza is the fastest circuit of the year with an average lap speed of 147mph. (just found out on the BBC website)

Ferrari (Alonso) should do well here, but not too well I hope  Wink, the two McLaren’s will be right there pushing and hopefully at least one of them in front.

I could be wrong but I see this race as a pivotal moment for the season. If Alonso wins that could be it, he might get too far in the lead of the championship and catching him will be almost impossible.

However if the win goes to a McLaren or a RedBull then there we could see a fight up to the last race.

Really looking forward to this one, unfortunately we don’t have it live on the BBC so my weekend is only going to be half as good as it could have been. (Thanks SKY)

Unless Button or Hamilton win, then I don’t think I will let it get to me.
Posted September 08, 2012, 13:22:26 PM Logged

Offline GT40
France WWW Posts: 494
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Ah ok, today the star was Perez, why not. Incredible GP, amazing season! thumbsup

Posted September 09, 2012, 14:48:24 PM Logged

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I agree GT, Perez was the driver of the day, beating Ferrari at their own track and doing it with a Ferrari engine too, impressive.

Can’t help but think Hamilton's name should be mentioned for dominating the race from start to finish.

Oh how lucky us McLaren fans are, 2 amazing drivers, 3 wins in a row and the fastest car on the track (with Hamilton and Button behind the wheel).

Bring on Singapore  Smiley
Posted September 10, 2012, 13:08:49 PM
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