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August 20, 2022, 03:15:15 AM

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Really? Technology?
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Offline Art
United States Posts: 944
Rank: Baron

Really? Technology?

Well, friends and readers, perhaps this should be Lack of Technology!!

Yesterday, I went online to get an item for our daughter and her family (kids).

I went to a popular online store and found the perfect item! The store's computer system asked me to make a choice between having Free Delivery to my home or Pick Up at the Store.

I opted for the TWO DAY FREE DELIVERY!

It asked for the required information, Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, How many I wanted and my credit card number, expiration and security code, etc.
I provided the necessary information and pressed SUBMIT.

It "thought" for a few moments then in large font indicated, "Sorry but that item is not available for delivery! Perhaps you'd like to Pick it up in our local store!"

I thought well hell...just a picnic here today isn't it?!

OK...Fine...I'm only a 40 mile round trip so it's a nice day and I've got time. Besides, I can get it today and not wait for the post/UPS to deliver.

So I change my selection to PICK UP in STORE!

Their computer decides that since I changed my initial selection that I must be a new customer and it presented me with another blank form to be filled in with Name, address, card #, blah...blah...all over again!

After finishing I checked everything over and pressed the SUBMIT button once more.

Again, it processed for a few moments and flashed on the screen, " Sorry, but that item is not available for In-Store Pick Up! Perhaps you can find another item in our store!"

Perhaps I could own a TANK and make a drive-through lane into your worthless store!!! Grrrrrhh!!!

I finally called the store and spoke to a poor representative who really shouldn't have been on the receiving end but she seemed like a nice young gal so I let her off the hook, but when she put her manager on the phone, I explained to him in no uncertain terms that I was Frustrated to a the least!

Of course, he apologized saying that their computer system had been experiencing a glitch now and then. I replied more to the point and said, NO, Your Computer System SUCKS!! I want ALL of my previously entered information, Name, address, email, credit card, etc., etc. completely removed from your SYSTEM!! I do NOT wish to be getting emails of any kind as a result of this System Glitch!

I ended up driving there to meet with the manager in person. He had already found me a comparable item and let me have it for the same cost along with a profuse apology and assured me that the information had been deleted as soon as I found the very tiny print to 'remove' item from shopping cart.

Proud of not giving in to a stupid system program and being able to reason things out with a real human was kind of refreshing. I don't even think he saw me smiling with victory as I left the store! Yeah...we still have to wear those

Our daughter's birthday will be thumbsup

Posted August 06, 2020, 14:20:39 PM Logged

Offline Freddy
United Kingdom WWW Administrator
Posts: 6958
Rank: Certified

Re: Really? Technology?

Perhaps I could own a TANK and make a drive-through lane into your worthless store!!! Grrrrrhh!!!

That make me laugh  lol

Yes it can be frustrating sometimes, but I don't think I've personally had it that bad. Well done on your victory, glad it didn't spoil the birthday surprise Smiley

Posted August 06, 2020, 18:25:03 PM Logged

Offline Data
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 9240
Rank: Certified

Re: Really? Technology?

They like to give you the run-around and keep you on your toes at the same time   Undecided

Posted August 06, 2020, 19:48:42 PM Logged

Offline Carl2
United States Posts: 4254
Rank: Certified

Re: Really? Technology?

I just ordered a Philips plant grow light from Amazon and received an email saying it was delivered along with a picture of the package near my mail box.  I went out and the package was not there so I called Amazon and said I did not receive the package and was told another would be delivered.  A neighbor then brought the package to me and said she had expected a delivery and thought the package was for her then realize her mistake.  I called amazon again and explained what happened so he stopped the re delivery.  A bit of a pain but nice to know there is not someone stealing packages,
  I think because of the virus stores and online sites are having problems, I couldn't even get my dish washing liquid at the grocery store, a dogfood my dog likes is no longer sold there.  The Best Buy store had a policy where you could order an item and pick it up on the sidewalk but couldn't enter the door but I refuse to buy this way. Well that's life I'll get off the subject since it only upsets me.

Posted August 07, 2020, 13:12:16 PM Logged
New Technology, Science etc ...
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