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October 01, 2020, 18:01:58 PM

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Anno 2070

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Offline Snowcrash Topic starter
England Global Moderator
Posts: 2153
Rank: Certified

I'm playing a new RTS game called Anno 2070. I am totally absorbed.

Here's the trailer.

Want a new game Diesel? This one has a co-op multiplayer too. I'm only playing single player but you could join me.
Posted November 18, 2012, 14:15:57 PM Logged
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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Online Data
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 7772
Rank: Certified

I like it, save the world from global warming, build a utopia.

Then attack and destroy your neighbours.

Hang on  scratch-head   lol
Posted November 18, 2012, 14:46:09 PM Logged

Offline Art
United States Posts: 306
Rank: Knight
It will come to this one day....

When I first looked at Snowy's posting showing the youtube scene, I thought it was a spoof and that those buildings were Budweiser Beer cans arranged at various positions to provide the effect of a city. (which would make for a cute parody). Funny but I don't even drink Budweiser! The mind is a terrible thing to lose, I suppose... uhh..what was the question again?  scratch-head
Posted November 18, 2012, 15:41:34 PM Logged
In the world of A.I. it's the thought that counts!

Offline Diesel
England Posts: 901
Rank: Baron

Many thanks Snowy, I've looked into this, £15, sounds like a bit of a lark, now where did I leave that Graphics card.  lol
Posted November 18, 2012, 16:12:25 PM Logged
It WILL be fine !...

Offline DaveMorton
United States WWW Global Moderator
Posts: 3415
Rank: Certified
Comfort the Disturbed! Disturb the Comfortable!

Didn't you feed it to the radioactive, mutant hamster that took it's place? scratch-head
Posted November 18, 2012, 16:23:52 PM Logged
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