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Fallout 3 Robot Radio
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Fallout 3 Robot Radio

Fallout 3 Robot Radio Information:

This is a better description of the Fallout 3 Robot Radio Station I made and its not buried in the Fallout 3 topic and hard to find.  

Fallout 3 Robot Radio is a simple radio station transmitting to most of the Fallout 3 Wasteland from the robot repair center. Includes A Robotic voice DJ (20 samples) and a collection of old style music (24 songs) to match the game.

The sound quality of robot radio is quite low, this is on purpose, I wanted to make it sound like its coming out of a small radio, there is also quite a lot of phasing and static effects to add to the realism.

The Robots at the robot repair center have got the old pre war robotic radio station transmitter working (Robot Radio); they haven’t made a very good job of it though, they left in the old adverts that were advertising the sale at the time of the war and a few pre war public information propaganda adverts, also the antenna is damaged making for a weak signal with quite a lot of static, just quite how they managed to get it working again is unknown at this time.

A custom made radio station located at the robot repair center
in Fallout 3, this video gives you a rough idea of the kind of
music, DJ chat and propaganda broadcasts.

         You can download it from www.fallout3nexus.com, link below, but you will have to sign up for a free account, if you are a Fallout 3 player you might already have one.  

         Download Fallout 3 Robot Radio

Posted August 19, 2010, 16:55:42 PM
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