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Media Center Control

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Online Data Topic starter
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 7810
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As luck would have it my media center control has died, so I went looking for a new one and found this little gem, it’s a normal media centre control plus a keyboard and mouse (of a fashion), and it fits in the palm of your hand.

I’m gona get one, will let you know how it goes.

Handheld Mini 2.4GHZ RF Wireless Windows Media Center MCE Keyboard/Remote Control

Handheld Mini 2.4GHZ RF .jpg
Media Center Control
* Handheld Mini 2.4GHZ RF .jpg (23.12 KB, 300x300 - viewed 429 times.)
Posted December 31, 2010, 15:35:01 PM
Last Edit: December 31, 2010, 16:17:36 PM by Datahopa

Offline Snowcrash
England Global Moderator
Posts: 2159
Rank: Certified

Looks like a cool gadget.

RF too so no pointing it at anything.
Posted January 03, 2011, 16:44:30 PM Logged
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Online Data Topic starter
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 7810
Rank: Certified

 sign-oops On closer inspection of this little control I see that it doesn’t have a TV Guide or a Live TV button, or not one that I can see on it, maybe you know better if you have one?

I think it’s a neat little gadget though but I’m now thinking its not for me.

Back to the drawing board, sorry.    
Posted January 06, 2011, 13:58:20 PM
Last Edit: January 06, 2011, 14:28:00 PM by Datahopa

Offline Diesel
England Posts: 901
Rank: Baron

Given the size of the thing, it has LOST written all over it. Evil
Posted January 06, 2011, 19:51:35 PM Logged
It WILL be fine !...

Online Data Topic starter
United Kingdom Administrator
Posts: 7810
Rank: Certified

Well after looking at a few makes and types of MCE control I ended up getting a standard type one, almost identical to the last one I had except this new one has a mouse as well, but it doesn’t have the red button, however you can still access the red button by using its built in mouse.

It works well and has a pretty good IR range.

Media Center MCE PC Remote Control
Posted January 14, 2011, 13:27:06 PM Logged

Offline Freddy
United Kingdom WWW Administrator
Posts: 5596
Rank: Certified

Nice, good price too   thumbsup
Posted January 14, 2011, 15:07:54 PM Logged
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