Why does Microsoft even bother with Edge? PC Softwar...

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November 28, 2020, 14:20:21 PM

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Why does Microsoft even bother with Edge?
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Offline Freddy Topic starter
United Kingdom WWW Administrator
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I found this interesting. It's more positive than the question suggests, it's not about bashing Edge.

Posted May 25, 2018, 00:29:14 AM Logged

Online Data
United Kingdom Administrator
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Yeah interesting vid.

If I'm honest I'm a bit of a MS fan, they have helped bring the PC to where it is today, a machine that can do just about anything you want it to do.

Are MS purfect ? no only cats are purfect  Grin

Edge is my default browser on Windows and Android now, in the video the guy said that Edge was visually pleasing, I agree with that, it looks nice and does that job most of the time. I am a simple person with simple needs  Smiley
Posted May 25, 2018, 07:13:13 AM Logged
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