PC Random Shutdowns - Posted In Problem Solving

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August 17, 2019, 18:33:58 PM

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Here you can post questions and get answers to help you solve problems with Windows based PC’s

We welcome your questions, with over 15 years experience with PC’s we might even find the answer for you.

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PC Random Shutdowns

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Online Data Topic starter
United Kingdom Administrator
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I came across this video and it reminded me of a PC I had to fix a few years back with exactly the same problem, tested every component, all seemed fine but the computer would randomly shutdown.

Spoiler -> Turned out to be a bad reset switch on the case:

Will never forget that one  Wink

Posted March 02, 2019, 10:36:12 AM Logged

Offline Carl2
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  Funny but I just watched that same video on You tube yesterday.  I did run into a problem with a on off switch not working and fiddled with it and it worked again.
  While I'm here I'll ask about a smart TV vs just a TV connected to the computer.  I'm using eithernet and don't have a wifi card in the computer.
I've got black dots on the screen one appers to be moving upwards, more along the bottom and vertical lines seems there is more. Prices for TVs have come down and is reasonable.
  Just ran across a Fire TV that works with Alexa, 32 inches for less than 100.
Posted March 02, 2019, 12:58:39 PM Logged
Problem Solving
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