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Here you can post questions and get answers to help you solve problems with Windows based PC’s

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When windows grinds to a halt

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Offline Data Topic starter
United Kingdom Administrator
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This post is not intended for technically minded people who already have a good understanding of Windows and PC’s.

This post is intended for the average user, if there is such a thing.

Ok you have had windows in for a few years now and it’s so slow it’s become very annoying to use or you have some bug that no matter what you do the bug remains.

What do you do?
I often get asked this.

Firstly what you shouldn’t do is use any PC clean up software, they are less than good, and none of them will get windows back to how it should be so don’t waste your time or money on these so called quick fixes.

The way I see it is you have two choices.

1. Spend your time emptying out all the temp files from various places (link below) once that’s done get Googleing for your particular fault or faults. If a fault has just appeared in Windows remember you have the system restore option built into windows, that can sometimes actually work, but even if it mends the fault it wont speed up Windows.

Google link to removing temp files.

2. Reinstall Windows, yup you guessed it, lets face it there is nothing better than this option, just remember to back up all your work, e-mails, favourites, address book and anything else you don’t want to loose.

You have more than likely heard this before and are filled with dread that you will have to wipe your PC clean and reinstall, well don’t be, yes it will take some time but think of the benefits a clean install of Windows will bring, remember how well your PC run when it was new?  

If you don’t feel confident that you can install Windows along with the drivers and other software, get your local guru or a friend who does feel confident to do if for you.

Some PC manufacturers will ship a PC with a windows back-up or re-install system, check the model of your PC on the manufacturers website, its actually quite likely that you can install Windows yourself and within a matter of an hour or two have a fully working fast PC again.

(Just remember to backup your work first)
Posted February 08, 2011, 12:58:29 PM
Last Edit: February 08, 2011, 13:06:22 PM by Data

Offline Diesel
England Posts: 901
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Well what do you know, their I was quite happy believing I was an average user of my PC with average operational ability. Sorry Data, I know my place.  Wink

Shame you didn't post this a couple of weeks ago before I posted for assistance for this exact problem with a laptop I own.

However I must concure with Data.

I recently did a clean re-install of windows XP, which didn't take long but the rest did. The recovery disc installed a five out of date version of Norton which I didn't require as I'm told the current "must have" is MSE. Mse proved difficult to download initially as XP needed to download and install 112 updates. This meant, as far as I was concerned, accessing the net with little or no protection. Once the downloads, installations and endless re-starts were completed, MSE was downloaded and installed, a full scan was executed and all was well.

Linking back into the home network also proved to be a bit of a Maggot, but, once this was achieved, any missing drivers were re-instated automatically.

End result?, a laptop that works as it should.

Did this take long ?, Hell yes, was it worth it ?, Hell yes.

I'm not a computer Guru nor a Techy guy, my ability is with much larger nuts and bolts, but, with a little common sense and a will to succeed, even I surprised myself.  Grin

How anyone would want to do this for a living is beyond me, but, each to their own.

Posted February 08, 2011, 23:23:25 PM Logged
It WILL be fine !...

Offline Snowcrash
England Global Moderator
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How anyone would want to do this for a living is beyond me, but, each to their own.

Oh how I laughed.  Shocked Grin Tongue

I agree totally. I decided long ago in my work life (laughingly called a career) that sitting in front of a screen all day would make me lose my love of PCs. So I didn't sit in front of screens.
I only fix 'em as a hobby. Though someone once said "if you're not making money, it's a hobby" and I don't often do it for love.  thumbsup ... so maybe part time work.
Posted February 09, 2011, 17:13:16 PM Logged
“I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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